Idler Roll

Atlas Idler Rolls are the perfect non-powered companion to the Atlas Pipemate.

AT-APD Atlas Model APD Pipe Dollie for Welding Pipe Handling


The NON-POWERED IDLER ROLL (AT-IR) is the perfect companion to the Atlas Pipemate. It will support properely balanced loads up to 1200 pounds. It has two heat and abrasion resistant 6" x 2" rubber tired wheels. One end of your pipe is supported and turned by our Model 1200 Pipemate (AT-1200) and the other end is supported by the perfectly matched companion Idler Roll.

Wheel size, wheel stance and tires are identical to those of the Atlas Pipemate.

Optional, specially designed, heavy duty work stands (AT-FLS) for the Pipemate and Idler Rolls are sold seperately. 

Shown with two (2) Optional Floor Stands - AT-FLS - one Idler Roll - AT-IR and one Pipemate (AT-1200)

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