Atlas Weld Cleaning Tools

Every American Made Atlas Tomahawk, Dual-Tool and Hammer is original in design and have been developed and improved by us since 1939.
  • Mill certified forging grade steel
    assures product integrity, head strength and durability

  • Forged steel heads are cross-pinned to steel shafts
    heads won't fly off

  • Black oxide finish on heads and shafts
    unlike paint, it will not chip, peel, flake or contaminate the weld

  • Hickory handles are shaped for
    directional, no-slip feel

  • Long neck heads on wood handles
    avoid splintering when working over edges

  • Wide chisel blades and slim taper cones
    provide long service life

Coil Grip Weld Chipping Hammer
Atlas Model A Dual Tool for weld cleaning
Wood Grip Welding Chipping Hammer model WH
Atlas Steel-Grip Tomahawks clean miles of welds
Atlas Dual-Tools with Chisel and brush are versatile
Atlas Long-Neck Tomahawks have premium hickory handles
Atlas weld cleaning tools- you just can't beat quality - at a fair price
It takes no imagination or effort to copy a design - build less quality into it - and sell it cheaper.

Every Atlas Tomahawk, Dual-Tool and Hammer is original in design and have been developed and improved by us since 1939. Our first consideration in building tools is safety. Heads "Pinned"to handles are safest - They won't fly off. Tough induction hardened heads properly drawn to controlled hardness are safer - Extra husky handles stand up longer. Long slim cones and chisel blades stand up for more grinds - Special wood hand-grips Shaped to fit the hand for "No Slip" directional feel are superior to "round" file handles. Other tools may be equal in price or sell for slightly less but with Atlas, you get much, much more for your money.

NOTE: The hammers described in this website are designed and manufactured to be used for cleaning arc welding slag only, unless otherwise indicated in the individual model descriptions. They are neither designed for nor should they be used for any other purpose. Approved eye protection (preferably goggles or face shields) should be worn.


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