Lifetime guarantee on Atlas Weld Cleaning Tools

Monday April 30, 2012

Atlas Weld Cleaning Tools are Quality American Made Chipping Hammers proven to last longer and perform better than the imports.Atlas Chipping Hammers

  • Mill certified forging grade steel
    assures product integrity, head strength and durability

  • Forged steel heads are cross-pinned to steel shafts
    heads won't fly off

  • Black oxide finish on heads and shafts
    unlike paint, it will not chip, peel, flake or contaminate the weld

  • Hickory handles are shaped for 
    directional, no-slip feel

  • Long neck heads on wood handles
    avoid splintering when working over edges

  • Wide chisel blades and slim taper cones
    provide long service life


We guarantee our hammer head-to-handle connection against coming apart and our hammer heads against chipping, cracking or breaking for life. If any of these events occur, return the complete hammer, with return address to the Atlas factory for evaluation. We will replace the hammer, free of charge, freight paid. Misuse, abuse, or alteration voids this warranty. 

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Troy, Michigan 48083
Phone (800) 962-9353
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